Asgardian Standards are:

An Asgardian Standard is either a Recommendatory Asgardian Standard or a Mandatory Asgardian Standard. Asgardian Standards are created or modified in the context of the AIS. The Asgardia Standards Act is the legal basis under AIS and ACQia (see “About”) and as a result, Asgardian Mandatory Standards are compulsory.

For Asgardian Standards the following applies:

Entities within Asgardia and interactions with Asgardia:

  • should comply to the Mandatory Asgardian Standards, and they should specify how,
  • and should:
    • either comply to Recommendatory Asgardian Standards, and they should specify how,
    • or explain why they do not, and they should explain why not, and to what alternative standards they do comply to.

Asgardia Standards may be written specifically for Asgardia, but they can also refer to existing terrestrial standards. In the latter case, reference to international and widely accepted standards is preferred.

The AIS is led by a Management Team which does the daily operations of the AIS, makes decisions when appropriate and maintains all AIS documentation, including the Asgardian Standards.

The procedures on creating and modifying Asgardian Standards and on modifying the AIS itself, including its procedures, are specified in the menu “Procedures”. The AIS does the administration of the Asgardian Standards and maintains its own work program and documentation set. The procedure for modifying the AIS itself is very similar to that of modifying an Asgardian Standard.

Auditing of an entity (like a component, product, services or organization) against an Asgardian Standard is done by an independent organization, ACQia, the Institute of Asgardia for the Assurance of Compliance and Quality. They will check the compliancy to Mandatory and Recommendatory Asgardian Standards and analyse and (when appropriate) check alternative compliancy, and after that they will formally either accept or reject the compliancy.

The finances of AIS and ACQia are managed by the ACQia Treasurer. The AIS and ACQia are financed in two ways:

The AIS is a purely online organization, it does not have a physical office.

More info can be found in the AIS Handbook.
When you do need a translation, first download the document to your own computer and then upload it to Google Translate to translate it to your language.

The AIS, the ACQia and role of the ACQia Treasurer are all established via the Initial Confirmation Committee via the Initial Confirmation Statement. This is described in the “Procedure: Establishment of the AIS”.

The AIS Management Team consists of:
  • the Minister of Manufacturing, which is also the main contact of the AIS;
  • the Minister of Trade and Commerce.
The ACQia Management Team consists of:
  • the Minister of Justice, which is also the main contact of ACQia;
  • the Minister of Equity and Resources.
The AIS Treasurer is implemented in the person of:
  • the Minister of Finance.

The persons mentioned above will provide a backup for themselves when necessary.

All publications of the AIS are subject to the Asgardia Copyright Law.